The chances are that you already live within a mile of a Co Charger Host: A neighbour who is happy for you to book a regular time to plug your car in to their home charger and go home until you’re ready to collect it – overnight if you wish.

You can start each day with a full battery AND save money on charging!

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Save Money

Around a third cheaper than public chargers, with no costs except what you pay to charge.

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Save Time

No need to queue or wait with the car and you can book ahead

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Stay In Control

Only pay for the time your car is charging, not parking time. No penalty fees

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Co Charger is the UK’s 2nd largest and fastest-growing EV charging network. We provide a free service for professional drivers where we set up your account and even contact local Hosts for you, so you’re all set to go. If you don’t have a nearby Host yet it won’t be long - and you’ll get instant notification when someone registers near your home.

Please fill in the quick form below and we’ll get you all set up - for FREE!


How long can I leave my car?

Book the session time in the app, and collect the car when you need to. It doesn't matter if the car has finished charging. You will only pay for charging. Not for parking.

How much it will cost?

Individual hosts set the rate. And you can see this on the host detail page in the app. You will see price per kWh and cost per hour. You only pay for the charging time, not the length of the session. For example: if you book for 8 hours, but charge for 4 hours, you only pay for 4 hours.

How do I contact my host?

You can message the host in the app. You can make any arrangements you need and ask them any specific questions about their charger and driveway. And of course you can speak to CoCharger at or 01392 240280 – we’re always happy to help!

Does my host mind me parking there?

Not at all. They signed up to rent their charger as they want to help their community and help people move to electric (and also make some money). We have a great community and our hosts are very friendly.

What if i don't have a host nearby?

Just stay signed up and we will email you when a host joins nearby. We are the fastest growing network in the UK and have dozens of new Hosts signing up every week across the UK.

How do Co Charger benefit?

The Co Charger app is free to download and there are no subscriptions, we keep the app running by taking 12% of the session fee before it goes to the Host.

Will my insurance cover me while using Co Charger?

Yes – it’s part of operating the vehicle so covered by all policies.